M.A.C. Baseball Program

At Marseilles Athletic Club we currently offer t-ball and baseball for ages 4-14. Please ask Nate Schaefer if you have questions about age cutoffs. Athletes will learn the basics of baseball and continually improve on skills in fielding, pitching, catching, running, and hitting,


League and Age Groups

T-ball | 4-6 years

8U | 7-8 years

10U | 9-10 years

12U | 11-12 years

14U | 13-14 years

Check our calendar for upcoming sign up dates.

kid pitching 10u 2019

Helpful links

League organization website for rules and schedules:



Pitching Guidelines

As an organization we pride ourselves on staying within these guidelines when teaching youth athletes pitching, as well as using pitchers during games. We’ve provided this link so our parents of pitchers also know just how often and how many pitches your athlete should be throwing.



Concussions in Baseball

At M.A.C. we take concussions very seriously! As a community we should all know the signs and symptoms.

Baseball Concussions and the brain