M.A.C. Flag Football

At Marseilles Athletic Club, we pride ourselves on teaching young athletes the fundamentals of football during the flag season so that if they choose to do so, they will be ready when they’d like to transition into tackle. Our program starts at age 5 and goes all the way to 17. This program will teach your athlete routes, plays, catching, throwing, team work, etc. This program generally runs anywhere from August (earliest) to early November (latest).

League and Age Groups

Peewee | 5-7 years

8-10 years

11-14 years

15-17 years

Coaches ALWAYS needed!

Check our calendar for upcoming sign up dates.

girl running with football 5-7 Peewee

Helpful links

League organization website for rules, coaching and parent tools:

NFL Flag

More coaching and parent tools:

USA Football

Parent information on concussions:

At M.A.C. we take concussions very seriously! As a community we should all know the signs and symptoms.

Play Smart Play Safe